Azam Khan Swati Wife Video Clip – Read Full Details!

You have heard of Azam Khan, his wife, and their recent case. They were caught in disturbing scenes in Photoshopped and fake video clips. The shocking incident shocked the whole world. People are now searching for Azam Khawan Swati Wife Clip.

This post will discuss the incident, as well as the reasons that the couple has been so prominent in the past few days. You can read more about the story by staying tuned.

The Leaked Clip of Azam Kan

Azam cried when he told his wife that he had seen an unidentified clip. They were in a humiliating situation. According to sources, the video featured scenes of sexuality. According to the FIA, video was faked.

Latest News Virals from Dailymotion. Azam was asked to let them investigate the matter. After Azam’s confirmation, the matter will be open for investigation. The matter has been reported by international and Pakistani media. Azam Swati claimed that he was targeted and that the opposition or his family would defame him. He was moved by the horrible incident. Imraan Khan (former Prime Minster) also condemned torture.

People’s Reactions on Twitter

Many social media users, including Twitter, commented on the issue. Imraan (former Pakistan Prime Minister) and a twitter user also commented on this matter. It was disrespectful and disturbing to all, he stated. CJP was urged by the court to take into consideration the motion. This matter was also brought up by other users.

Some users suggested the Chief Justice seemed helpless in this instance. Everyone supports Azam Khan Swati. The issue has received worldwide attention.

Azam Shah Swati is?

Azam Khan Swti is a Pakistani Politiker. He is also a Swati Tribe Member and a Businessman. Reddit shared his video. The video showed him crying and saying that his wife had sent him a clip from their bedroom. The politician and former PM’s loyalist was born June 22, 1948. He is the chief at Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. He was a member Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam between 2002 and 2011.

Investigation of Leaked Video Of Azam

The video was shared by multiple sources. The investigation into this matter is ongoing. The Telegram user that uploaded the video must be charged by the FIA.

The FIA requested Azam to confirm this in order to begin their investigation. The FIA confirmed the manipulation of the video, and that it was fake. We have more information. As soon as the details are available, we will notify our readers.


Continue reading about the tragic events surrounding PTI Senator, Azam Khan Swati. You can watch the news on different channels.

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