Afghanistan: Life in Kabul after the Taliban victory

A Taliban contender coordinating traffic in Kabul

The Taliban caught Afghanistan’s capital Kabul on Sunday, 20 years after they were removed from power. So what does it closely resemble the day after its fall?

The Taliban are all over the place, at the designated spots which used to be true police or armed force blockades.

There isn’t a lot of frenzy in the city today, as there was yesterday. The Taliban were controlling traffic, they were looking through vehicles, and they were particularly looking through those vehicles which used to have a place with police and the military. They have taken that load of vehicles and they are utilizing them. In case there are Taliban warriors themselves driving those vehicles now, they are halted at designated spots, as well. They disclosed to us that they checked these vehicles to ensure they were not marauders and criminals camouflaged as Taliban.

The scenes at the air terminal were disastrous. Out and about there were families, kids, youthful, old, all strolling along the 2km (1.2 miles) street. Individuals are attempting to escape this country. Most are simply pausing, on the green belt in the street.

Individuals covering the street on the way to the air terminal in Kabul

I’m discussing in excess of 10,000 individuals at the air terminal. On the way to deal with the primary passage doors, there were Taliban with weighty weapons attempting to scatter individuals by shooting noticeable all around. Individuals who needed to get in were climbing the dividers, the entryways, even the spiked metal. Everyone was pushing to get in.

We addressed an observer who was stuck at the air terminal on Sunday. He had a trip to go to Uzbekistan, yet it didn’t occur. Authorities then, at that point deserted the air terminal. Individuals had shown up with no tickets or visas – they figured they could get on any plane and have the option to travel to elsewhere on the planet, the onlooker said. A large number of individuals were stuck inside the air terminal, without food or water. There were numerous ladies and kids – and crippled individuals, as well.

Downtown area quiet

In any case, on the off chance that you go into the downtown area, life has all the earmarks of being typical. There is much less traffic, a large portion of the shops are shut. In any case, individuals look a lot more settled than yesterday – yesterday, everyone was angry. There was a major traffic gridlock.

I’ve just seen a couple of ladies in the city – some single ladies also, without an escort. Some were wearing the blue burqa, however, I likewise saw some wearing careful face veils and headscarves. Also, the Taliban appeared to be okay with them.

Taliban contenders in Kabul

picture captionAfghan security powers have dissolved away, and vigorously furnished Taliban line the roads

There is no music in the city by any stretch of the imagination. They used to play ambient sound at the lodging, however, it has halted. The staff is frightened.

The city, be that as it may, is as yet continuing. It is quiet. I haven’t addressed numerous inhabitants, yet the nearby cab driver I use was somewhat okay with the takeover. Shockingly, I’ve seen individuals welcoming Taliban aggressors – saying “hi, good luck with that, good luck”, something like that.

Taliban contenders appear to be content, as well – I’ve several them, ground fighters on the lookout. We attempted to get into the official royal residence yet they didn’t give us access. They said we required authorization from the central leadership. In any case, the assailants I saw were agreeable to us.

I was terrified yesterday a little, unfortunate there would have been savagery and things like that. However, fortunately, nothing occurred. It was so tranquil and quiet. I could hardly imagine how the capital had changed hands following 20 years and it was all so calm.

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