A rare copy of the first printing of US constitution is going up for auction – Read Full Details!

This extremely rare first edition copy will be sold by Sotheby’s New York in December. This is the rarest and most significant piece of US publication history. The only two copies of the printed version will be sold.

The auction house stated that the copy would fetch between $ 20million and $30 million. Sotheby’s described it as “extremely expensive” and stated that the copy had not been seen at an auction in over 125 year.

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The Stanford university exhibited the copy 35 years ago.

Richard Austin, Sotheby’s global head of books & manuscripts, said that “the unprecedented sale result that we achieved for Constitution last November was truly unique and inspiring; one that signifies both the extreme rarity and the ongoing importance and influence Constitution as the ultimate expression and democratic principles that govern our daily lives more that 200 years ago.”

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The official name of this copy is “The First Printing of Constitution’s Final Text”.

Privately owned copy #2 was sold last January for record-breaking $43.2 million.

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