28 Year-Old Becomes Richest strategy to make a profit?

Mithun, a Delhi native, was able to buy two houses in one month, Bentley and Ferrari. He also paid off all of his debts. However, his previous salary was below the minimum wage. He was wondering how he managed to make so much money in just a month. He shares his story with us.

“I worked for a pizza delivery company for over a year. Prior to being a collage student, I did a part-time job at a restaurant. I did it as a way to pay for my studies. I was almost expelled from my second year because I couldn’t afford the tuition. At that point, I needed to borrow money. I was finally able to pay my tuition but had no money to make the monthly payments to the bank. In truth, it was exhausting to work and study at once. I was eventually expelled from campus just a week before the close of school. It was the beginning of some of the most difficult days in my life. My father lost the job, and my family couldn’t survive. Imagine how despairing I felt. My father lost his job and I was left without decent work or education. They had no one to turn to for help.

I was delivering pizzas to the last restaurant one night. The door was opened by an older man. He was with friends and, while he was paying for the pizza, I listened to their conversation about how they would invest Rs. 2,000,000 that they had earned just a few minutes ago. I glanced briefly at the laptop screen to see a graph and figures. I was offered Rs. 1,000, but the price was only Rs. 600. He said to me to keep my change.

I was shocked and I went back to my house, grabbed my laptop and tried recalling the discussion. After five minutes, it was clear that they spoke about online trading. The Broker website contained graphs and figures that I had seen at the laptop of the man.

After studying all details about the broker, and watching instructional videos, I opened a demo bank account. There I received virtual cash. It was simple and easy for me to grasp what I had done. After the first transaction, I made some money. I thought… I realized that I had not lost anything so I opened a real bank account and transferred my last money. The next morning, I woke to see that I had made Rs. Over that night, I made Rs. Within 2 weeks, I had paid off my debts and bought a car. This allowed me to help my father, who was looking for a new job, and also pay his monthly expenses. Two weeks later, I was already living in two houses in the neighborhood. It was all that I did, even though I didn’t leave my home or get a higher education.

That’s how I roll. This wouldn’t have been possible if I didn’t meet the rich man while delivering the pizza. I understand that not everyone has the same luck as me. I will tell you how you can make money with trading resource. It’s very simple if you try it.

  • To begin, you need to open an account by clicking this. Enter your name, email address and phone number. Then, select the account currency. Click Register.
  • 7 tips will guide you step-by-step through what’s on your account. You can browse all of the material by pressing NEXT STEP>> after each description.

The fun part is here! The strategy to make a profit!

You now have an account with broker. Now you need a 100%-profitable strategic plan. It is strongly recommended that you begin with the “up-down” strategy. This strategy is simple enough to be understood by anyone and can be used!

  1. First, pick a currency pairing: EUR / USD is a good choice.
  2. Prepare for your first trade. Set a time limit of 1 minute, and a amount of $1.
  3. Now, trade. After opening the trade, forecast whether the exchange rates will move up or down within one minute.

    You can forecast any scenario with this strategy. It doesn’t really matter which direction you choose.

  4. Let’s assume you pick UP. It doesn’t matter which option you choose. The strategy works in all cases.
  5. If the chart moves up as predicted, $1.92 will return to your account. Your next trade is now, but you need to choose the opposite value. This time, you will choose DOWN.
  6. Let’s say that your trade fails because the chart moves in the opposite direction. You will need to raise your next trade to $3 and alter the chart’s direction again (i.e. If you chose DOWN in the last trade, you must now choose UP.
  7. This time, the chart does not go as planned and you lose this trade. This is not a problem. You will make up your losses using this strategy. You can recoup losses and still make a profit by increasing the trade to $8. You can then choose DOWN, just like we did UP the previous time.
  8. Great! It was a great time! $15.36. You have now made up for all your losses and earned more. Start trading again at $1. You must choose UP again. This is why it’s called “up-down”.


No matter whether you win or lose, always change the direction (UP/DOWN/UP/DOWN) The starting trade should always be at least $1. You can increase your loss limit to $3 if you are unsuccessful. You can increase it to $3 if you lose another time. If it happens again raise it to $18.

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